Solidor Composite Door



Unique colours, the latest high security hardware and beautiful features are just some of the reasons why solidor is one of the best doors available while. We continue to invest in new materials and in a product development programme to ensure we stay ahead of the pack.

Key Features:

  • 20 colours inside and out
  • Unique 48mm solid core door
  • Chamfered or sculptured door frames
  • Exclusive door furniture
  • The most secure locking system

It seems only fitting that the UK’s most secure composite door now features the country’s most secure locking system; the Ultion. It’s called the ‘Ultion’ because it offers the ultimate in locking protection, capable of sensing an attack and subsequently engaging via a hidden lock to prevent intruders gaining entry, even when snapped twice. Analysis has shown that the Ultion easily outperforms the very best 3 star locks in a variety of different tests and when locked, stays locked. No key, no chance of burglary; the Ultion really is that good.

Energy Efficient Reinforcing

Each door is manufactured using 100% fully recycled door frame reinforcing. As well as superior thermal performance, Werbar is also super environmentally-friendly and out performs steel and aluminium when it comes to screw retention.


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